Daddy’s girl

When your Daddy is a hacker it should really be in your genes to crack the password to Mummy’s laptop. RB has been at it for some time. It seems she is using a non-systematic version of the ‘Brute Force’ technique, though Mummy has explained that hitting the keyboard harder does not increase your chance of entry. Luckily, she seems happy enough with the nice smashy noise it makes on the keyboard and isn’t too bothered about gaining access for now. Hopefully the computer will survive her brute force, or Mummy is going to be in trouble with Daddy. Again.

Rhyme Time

Today, Mummy has brought The Baby to Rhyme Time at the library, for Mummy cares greatly about the little one’s linguistic development. RB loves Rhyme Time. She loves the songs and poems, and the bouncing up and down. She loves the rattle and shakers and jingly bells. She especially loves the puppets and all the silly voices they do. She loves it very very much.

Occasionally – just occasionally – there is a pause of about 3-5 seconds in between rhymes, while the nice librarians change over the posters with the words on or get a different puppet out for the next song. Rebel Baby would like everyone in the library to know that she finds this COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. She disapproves greatly of any delays or interruptions to her rhyming fun, and likes to say so loudly with the assistance of maracas. In fact, the thing she disapproves of most of all – the thing which makes her very very angry – is Rhyme Time EVER STOPPING.

Mummy has stern words with Rebel Baby all the way home about her behaviour. The face says it all: