A banging good time

Mummy has got a banging headache. It is a banging headache because it is induced by banging. Lots of banging.

When Mummy chooses toys for The Baby, she spends a good deal of time thinking about how her little one will benefit greatly from the wide range of sensory experiences she encounters at this early and important developmental phase. Different shapes, textures and materials to delight her senses… toys which roll, slide, twist and bounce… toys which rattle, jingle, swish and scratch. Hard toys, squishy toys, smooth toys, rough toys… ones with knobbly bits and ones with twiddly bits. Toys you can stack, push, pull, sort, squash and stretch. So varied and enthralling are the toys Mummy has so kindly provided, a baby could spend every waking moment until the age of at least two enraptured by new sensory discoveries.

Mummy doesn’t know why she bothered because all Rebel Baby wants to do it bang things. Bang them on the table, bang them on her highchair. Bang them on the wall, bang them on the floor. Bang them against each other, bang them against her chest. Bang them on Mummy’s face. Bang, bang bang, goes Rebel Baby with her toys. Bang, bang, bang, goes Mummy’s head.

Mummy is obviously delighted that RB is getting so much pleasure from her new found pastime, but if RB doesn’t stop banging sometime soon, Mummy will shortly be found rocking at the bottom of the garden and banging her own head against the wall.  Which won’t help the headache much.

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