A certain something

It has finally happened. RB has had her long-overdue first haircut to remove the hair-wings, and no longer resembles an Orthodox Jew. It was about time… they harboured far too much mealtime debris and residual vomit for Mummy’s liking, and were too tempting a source of entertainment for Daddy. Unfortunately, she also no longer resembles a girl… not that she especially did anyway, owing to Mummy buying mainly unisex clothes “just in case we have another one.” Mummy is thrifty like that.

Although she just about survived the haircut (despite persistent attempts to lick the scissors) and although the Lovely Neighbour did a marvellous job trimming things into a neat little pixie cut without accidentally stabbing The Baby or even nipping an ear – quite an impressive feat, considering the wriggliness of the subject – RB has lost something of herself. She is like Samson deprived of his strength, but instead of muscle has lost a certain je ne sais quoi. She went to bed stroking her ears as if searching for the lost hair-wings that she previously twiddled there. Is it possible, Mummy wonders, that her rebellious nature lived within the wings, and she will awake a calm and conformist text book baby? Tomorrow will tell…

So grown up!

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