All the knits

When Mummy had The Baby, she did not foresee that it would lead to the great revelation of how many friends and family were avid knitters. In fact, Mummy had never really given knitwear a good deal of thought, not being skilled with the needles herself and only ever really venturing as far as the odd woolly jumper from M&S to see her through the festive season. It seems that having a baby opens your eyes to many things… including the fact that knitting is in no way dead.

Being born in a heatwave did not deter the knitwear, and RB cemented her status as a defier of fashion conventions by rocking those knitted hats and booties at forty degrees. She is regularly seen gracing the streets in her bespoke wardrobe of Fairisle and tassels, attracting many a compliment from passersby, no doubt jealous of her woolly awesomeness.

Whilst RB boasts knitting-friends a-plenty, there is none so enthusiastic nor industrious as Knitting Nanna, whose needles began clicking the moment RB was a twinkle in Mummy’s eye, and haven’t stopped since. Knitting Nanna has made everything from hats to boots, from glittery cardis to snuggly blankets, from fancy jackets to cutesie jumpers (with complicated teddy-shaped buttons that Mummy suspects were added on as a joke to test her Mummy-ing skills and prove her uselessness.) RB largely has Knitting Nanna to thank for her signature look, and will no doubt say so when she is rich and famous and rocking that knitwear down a red carpet.

On days like today however, Mummy realises she may have gone a little overboard and dressed the poor thing from head to toe in knitwear, so she somewhat resembles a model from a 1980s wool catalogue. Whoops.

In other news, Mummy’s fascination with the knitted boobs grows as Uncle Doc has sent her a picture of his exotic collection. Mummy is jealous indeed. Her boobs are not stripey like Uncle Doc’s.

It’s like they’re looking at you.




    RB is positively glowing in her knitwear. There is nobody in this land who would not desire soft knitted booties resembling earnest ducklings. A modelling career certainly beckons.

      Absolutely agree – the ducks are her pièce de résistance. It’s a shame they don’t come in adult sizes or Mummy would certainly be wearing them.

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