Baby obsession

“What are you doing?” asks Daddy, as Mummy is hiding behind her computer.

“Oh, erm, nothing…” lies Mummy.

“You are looking at photos of her again, aren’t you?!” Daddy accuses.

“Erm… maybe?” says Mummy.

“SHE’S RIGHT THERE!!” he blurts out, for he does not understand. “Her face is on the wall AND on the windowsill and her ACTUAL face is right there – she is right there! Why don’t you just look at her?!”

“I am,” says Mummy, “She is sleeping. I am looking at her on the wall and on the windowsill and in real life and I can look at her on my computer too. My baby is beautiful and I must look at her all the time.” Mummy doesn’t understand what the problem is.

“Should I get her face printed on a T-shirt?” says Daddy, exasperated, “Then maybe you’d look at me instead?”

“Good idea,” says Mummy.


    He should already have a T-shirt adorned with her picture and a slogan “Frankie says Chillax!” – Bad daddy!

      Haha… Available in the RB online merchandise store any day now! 😉

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