Grandad looks after The Baby on a Wednesday, because Mummy works.

“What do you do with The Baby while I’m at work?” asks Mummy often.

“We go for wholesome walks round the park in the fresh air,” says Grandad, “and visit your elderly Aunt. We have a very lovely time.”

That sounds marvellous, thinks Mummy.

Today, Grandad has arrived to look after The Baby.

“Ah!” says The Baby, her eyes lighting up as she sees him. How lovely, thinks Mummy. The Baby is so pleased to see him! She does love her Grandad so very much. How she enjoys their walks in the park and family time together!

But The Baby is not going to Grandad. She is tottering across the lounge and she has fetched the remote control, which she can only just carry whilst still remaining upright. It is a great effort as she has only just begun to walk, but she is most determined. Now she is heading towards Grandad, the big black remote in her outstretched hands, her face beaming.

“Ah!” says The Baby, and reaches up to hand it to him. Then she turns and plonks herself down in front of the television, most expectantly.

Grandad says nothing.

Rebel Baby is waiting.

She turns and looks at Grandad. Then the TV. Then Grandad again.

“AH!” says Rebel Baby impatiently, pointing at Grandad and then at the television.

“I don’t know what she’s doing,” lies Grandad.

“Busted!” says Mummy.

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