Fathers’ Day

Tomorrow is Fathers’ Day, the Dad-equivalent of Mothering Sunday, except that Mothering Sunday is steeped in historical significance and religious sentiment, whereas Fathers’ Day was made up because the Dads were annoyed there was a Mothers’ Day and not a Fathers’ Day and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate they did care about gender equality after all, when it suited them. So now there is a Fathers’ Day with no deeper meaning, sentiment or tradition attached to it than that. But that’s OK, it doesn’t bother Mummy… and at least Hallmark do well out of it.

The only thing that does bother Mummy about Fathers’ Day (and, for that matter, Mothers’ Day) is the national lack of consensus over the use, omission or placement of the apostrophe. After careful consideration, and contrary to popular opinion, The Great Decider that is Mummy has decreed that they are both Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day, so makes it her biannual mission to enforce them as such, with little success.

When it was Mothers’ Day (which Grandma insists should only be called Mothering Sunday, which – although Mummy agrees in principle – just sounds so old fashioned and takes too long to say (see also: Mummy’s views on All Hallows’ Eve)) Mummy had to get up very early, look after the children and do all the housework while Daddy had a nice long lie-in.  Mummy remembers this very clearly and, as such, Mummy is really excited about Fathers’ Day!!  Mummy has briefed Rebel Baby most clearly on how the morning should play out. Only one more sleep to go….

Crazy hot-weather hair!


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