Inappropriate baby

As of this afternoon, Mummy is once again housebound because of The Baby’s cold. Whilst Mummy is not quite so precious about her darling angel to keep her at home with just a sniffle, it is the consequences of her sniffle which mean Mummy cannot go out in public.  At least not to feed The Baby.

Feed a cold and starve a fever, is what they say. It seems good advice as Poorly Baby is hungry all the time with her sniffly nose, and lovely milk is the only thing that makes it better. It is soothing and comforting, and RB is very appreciative of her lovely milk. So much so that she likes to express her gratitude with loud, appreciative moaning noises while she eats. So loud. And while she can’t breathe through her nose, they are interspersed with great gasps as she throws her head back to draw breath, like a butterfly swimmer coming up for air, before plunging back in.

The longer this performance goes on, the faster and more frenzied she becomes, building to a great crescendo until eventually she is satisfied and falls off, out of breath. Rebel Baby could give Meg Ryan a run for her money.

Mummy cannot, therefore, take The Baby out in public until the congestion has eased and she is able to eat normally, as befits a baby of her innocence and experience. Until then, the dramatic little thing is contained to the house to recover. To cheer her up, Mummy has treated her to an afternoon of her favourite pastime… shouting at the traffic through the window.


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    These make me laugh! Florence has those dungarees, good choice!

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