Mummy fail

The kitchen is a building site and soon Mummy won’t be able to use it at all. Probably for a month, says the builder.

“I will buy jars of baby food,” says Mummy, “for emergencies.” Mummy goes into Boots.

Boots are selling off jars of baby food for 15p. Mummy does love a bargain! “We will take them all!” says Mummy, who forsees lots of emergencies.

Mummy gets home and opens the 15p baby food. Rebel Baby does not like 15p baby food. She likes absolutely everything else in the world, including beetroot-flavoured scrambled eggs, and porridge with leek and onions. But she does not like 15p baby food. Not even a little tiny bit… not a morsel shall pass her lips.

Now, Mummy has ten tons of 15p baby food and no kitchen.

Bugger, thinks Mummy.

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