New kid on the block

Mummy is very excited because Mummy has now become an Auntie!! There is a brand new shiny baby on the scene and he is delicious and tiny and quiet and snuggly. He doesn’t have knees and elbows that climb all over you, he doesn’t throw food on the floor that you’ve taken hours to prepare, or shout “No Mummy!” and run away when you try to change his nappy. He doesn’t try to brush his hair with the toothbrush covered in toothpaste, or clean his ears with breadsticks, and he hasn’t yet worked out that if he’s very very quiet, he can transport all of his cuddly toys one by one into the bathroom and drop them in the water while Mummy is running a bath. He pretty much perfect in every way and Mummy is going to enjoy all the lovely baby cuddles she can.

Rebel Baby is not at all happy about having been usurped. Whilst she was initially delighted to meet what she mistook for a new toy, and wanted very much to stroke, cuddle, poke and prod the new arrival, her interest soon wore off when she realised he didn’t do very much. She also didn’t like every shouting at her to “BE GENTLE!” when she was clearly only trying to give him her VERY BEST and most enthusiastic loving kisses.  She wasn’t mad keen on Mummy having a different baby on her lap, but everyone talked lots about sharing and gave her plenty of attention, and she just about managed to be cool with sharing her very own Mummy. 

However, now The Baby has nicked her sunglasses, and this is the final straw. Mummies are one thing. Accessories are a-whole-nother playing field. And he looks so damn good in them too.

There’s only so much a girl can take…

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