On a mission

Mummy let The Baby get out of the pushchair in Piries’ Place because, now The Baby can walk, The Baby thinks she gets to walk everywhere and is above pushchairs. Which is annoying due to her incredibly slow tottering and tendency to wander off in the direction of danger at any given opportunity.

As soon as her little feet hit the concrete, Rebel Baby strides purposefully off in the opposite direction to where Mummy was headed. As Mummy has time and is feeling exceptionally generous and slightly intrigued as to where exactly the Little One might venture, on this occasion Mummy follows.

Rebel Baby knows EXACTLY where she is going.

She walks down the alley and into the Carfax (obviously Mummy helps her cross the road!) She crosses the Carfax and walks through the shopping centre. She takes the cut-through towards Sainsburys, turns right at the bridge and follows the footpath to the park. She doesn’t hesitate. She doesn’t wait to see if Mummy is following. She pauses briefly at the buskers – who she loves and normally stops to dance to – but on this occasion she is on a mission.

Only when she arrives at the gate to the park does she stop, to point for it to be opened. In she walks, straight to the see-saw. She reaches up to be put on one end and points to Mummy to sit on the other end.

Mummy doesn’t know why Daddy calls her the Little Dictator.

Mummy gets on the see-saw and goes up and down.

Rebel Baby shouts at Mummy because Mummy is not singing The Song.

Mummy sings the song and goes up and down.

Mission accomplished.

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