Playing it safe

Mummy and RB have been locked in a battle of wills for some time now over who gets to be in charge of the spoon. Mummy says it comes down to two main points:

1. Does The Baby want to actually eat any food?

2. Does Mummy want to spend the rest of her life cleaning the kitchen?

Assuming the answers are “Yes” and “No” respectively, Mummy concludes she should be in charge of the spoon. RB, however, has different decision-making criteria:

1. Do I want to be in charge of the spoon?

As a compromise, Mummy has devised a genius new way of feeding The Baby which limits collateral damage and maximises the chance of food actually going in by containing it to the area immediately surrounding The Baby. Mummy thinks this is the solution to all of her problems and has opened a packet of Galaxy Minstrels to celebrate. Given that mealtimes using this new system can take an hour or more, Mummy doesn’t really see the point getting The Baby out in between meals either. Take that, Annabel Karmel. And well done Mummy, you baby-weaning legend.

It’s not exactly a long-term solution. She’d need a bigger tub.



    She’s so beautiful!

      Pureed beetroot in your thigh-rolls is such a good look!

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