Rules of the Game

by RB

1) The adult(s) will start you on the white cloth. They will encourage you to roll over.
2) DO NOT roll over.
3) They will try to bribe you with toys. DO NOT roll over.
4) They may try to help you with their hands. Plank or freeze. Better still: plank AND freeze.
5) Adults can keep this up for hours. I repeat: DO NOT ROLL OVER.
6) If they start to lose interest, strain a bit to get them excited but whatever you do, DO NOT roll over.
7) Sooner or later, they will look away or may even leave the room briefly. GO GO GO!
8) As soon as they come back, freeze. DO NOT MOVE. Make out like nothing happened.
9) Game over. You win!
10) Laugh at Mummy for being a loser.

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