Shower needs

It is not always easy for Mummy to get ready in the mornings, as RB likes to glue herself to Mummy’s ankles as soon as the day breaks. But after numerous unsightly mishaps, Mummy now has carefully honed the skill of maintaining her balance and applying mascara whilst a small human swings from her knee caps, so all is well.

In the interest of maintaining Mummy’s sanity, Daddy is supposed to watch The Baby while Mummy has a shower… just like Mummy does when Daddy has a shower. Mummy has a shower every morning, yet every morning, Daddy will act completely surprised that Mummy wishes to clean herself again and – despite there being ample time for this oh-so-necessary of rituals – will look at his watch, huff a bit, roll his eyes and generally make it clear how very busy and important he is, and how everything else in his life is much more pressing than Mummy’s personal hygiene, so she had better be quick about it.

But no matter, for Mummy needs a shower. When Daddy has a shower, Mummy watches The Baby and plays with her and generally continues with life while Daddy has a shower. When Mummy has a shower, Daddy generally has a lie-in and tries to pretend The Baby does not exist. Much as Daddy loves The Baby, his love tends to kick in after about 10:00am and a strong cup of tea. As such there is much scrapping and scuffling, and Mummy’s shower is not quite as relaxing and precious as she would like it to be…


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