Surprise encounter

Today, Mummy discovered – much to the surprise and alarm of the poor lady in the adjacent cubicle – that a nine month old baby is both small enough and fast enough to crawl beneath the partition of a swimming pool changing room in the time it takes Mummy to put on a jumper.

She also discovered it is almost impossible to drag a determined nine month old baby back under the partition of a swimming pool changing room by one ankle, without risking damage. The only resolution, she therefore discovered, is to go round and knock on the neighbouring cubicle and ask for your baby back. And yes, you feel like the kid that kicked their ball into the neighbour’s garden.

Here is RB demonstrating her love of crawling into small spaces she can’t get out of. Look how bloomin’ pleased with herself she is. Luckily the poor lady she visited this morning had a good sense of humour.

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