Testing patience

Mummy has always been quite pleased the The Baby eats most food. Mummy credits her experimental cooking and commitment to eating a terrible diet right from the point of conception for the fact that The Baby really does have very low standards when it comes to food. Generally, most things have been inhaled quite happily and gummed with gusto. Taste and texture is of little consequence – Rebel Baby has always favoured quantity over quality and speed over style, when it comes to dining.

Not any longer.

Now, Rebel Baby likes bread. And bananas. And that is all.

Today Mummy has made some rather sad attempts to hide things in the bread, but Rebel Baby has found them. And she was Not. Pleased.

Mummy has done singing and dancing and acrobatics to trick some vegetables into the little one’s mouth, and she succeeded a couple of times by way of an open-mouthed giggle that gave Mummy a sneaky carrot-opportunity. Rebel Baby was outraged.

Now, lest she should fall for the same trickery a third time, Rebel Baby is taking no chances. She has wedged a large piece of bread in her mouth to keep her safe while she painstakingly goes through every morsel of dinner, discarding from the plate in disgust until there is nothing left. This clever ploy leaves not a millimetre of room for Mummy to sneak any pesky peas in while The Baby is distracted. Only then, when the coast is clear, does she remove the bread to eat it in safety, satisfied that she has made her position on the matter quite clear.

RB has won. Again. Bugger.

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