This is Rebel Baby… over and out!

Dear friends, family and a few random strangers / women in my husband’s office,

Hello!! Thanks for being here!

This time last year, I started this blog while on maternity leave, mainly because my husband persuaded me to. He sensibly recognised that without some sort of distraction, I was likely to spend nine months off work finding jobs for him to do and spending money we didn’t have (he was right.) As it happened, my 2016 New Year’s resolution was to learn to use WordPress, so I could edit our website when I went back to work and stop begging / bribing other people to do it for me. I think it’s possibly the only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept (2017’s resolution to finally lose the remaining baby weight is currently measuring in negative numbers for progress, owing to all of the Christmas gifts and leftovers which are still being consumed with gusto. Whoops.) Turns out it’s not as hard as I thought. It’s ridiculously easy to start a blog, and even easier to overshare pictures of / stories about your baby, when you find her hilarious on a daily basis.

It was never intended as a long-term project, mainly due to the one-year free-trial offer on hosting a domain, which comes to an end this month. (Whilst Mummy is all over self-indulgent vanity projects, she is certainly not prepared to pay for them.)  Also, it did not really occur to me that anyone might actually read it – I mainly was just making myself giggle and playing with the software – and now there are more than 200 followers and subscribers, and that’s a little bit scary. Especially as I do have a proper job and should really concentrate on that and stop playing on the internet. Also… and this one is serious … I definitely need to stop writing about The Baby before she’s old enough to get online and read it, and call the NSPCC to report child abuse and extortion. Or something. Poor RB is going to be teased enough at school, having already inherited my ears… she doesn’t need her own mother poking fun at her online as well.

So this is just a final post to say thanks for the laughs and comments! It’s been fun chatting with you online, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following our escapades. It’s been even more fun hearing from other people online with their own Rebel Babies, and realising we’re not the only family in the UK whose house is ruled by a tiny, unpredictable dictator in nappies.

As I write this, RB is attempting to climb onto the coffee table with a bucket on her head, singing “Duck duck duck duck duck!” in a gruff little husky voice that is full of snot and cold, and laughing at herself. I’m pretty sure Rebel Baby is swiftly turning into Rebel Toddler. Happily, her lovely childminder gave her a book for Christmas that will no doubt inspire a lifetime of rebellion and anarchy…

(not a sales plug)

…though if she turns out even half as brilliant as any of the women in this book, it will all have been worth it. Seriously… get a copy. (Honestly not a sales plug.)

So all that remains is to say a big thanks for following / reading our blog, it’s been fun! xx

And just because it’s our favourite (best with volume on!)…


    Thank you so much for a year’s enjoyment. It brought back memories of the happiness and frustration that my children and grandchildren engendered in me. The great thing is that you are enjoying her. Make the most of it before you get to the difficult teenage years and have to wait a while before your child/ren become lovely adults.

      Sounds advice, will do! x

    What a shame (I’m one of the “random strangers”). I have throughly enjoyed your blogs and have laughed out loud at times. You have a great style so I hope your “proper job” involves creative writing!

      Hellooooooo random stranger! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I’m glad they brought a smile. 🙂 xx

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