Wakey wakey!

It is Mummy’s first Mothers’ Day and by some cruel twist of fate, the powers that be decided that it would be a laugh to set the clocks forwards an hour, depriving Mummy of her precious and much-needed sleep. Nobody informed Rebel Baby of the clock change, nor of the time-honoured tradition of Mummies getting a cup of tea in bed and a lie-in on Mothers’ Day. No, RB greeted the day with her usual volume and jubilance, at least an hour – but probably three – earlier than was necessarily welcome.  Mummy did attempt to use the occasion to boot Daddy in the side, mumbling, “It’s your turn.” But Daddy functions not at all at such a time of day and managed as much as stumbling bleary-eyed into the nursery and back, depositing the leaking infant on Mummy as he returned. Mummy therefore is starting her first Mothers’ Day at 5-something a.m. “real time” with a leaking nappy, a mug of sorry-we’ve-only-got-decaf, and a pile of last night’s washing up. Perfect.

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