Bags, boxes and heavy things

“Now that you have had a baby, it is time for me to pass on your baby things,” says Grandma. Grandma has a very large house from which she never throws anything away and, since The Baby came along, has been slowly revealing to Mummy just how much stuff she has hoarded from Mummy’s own childhood.

It started with Mummy’s first baby clothes. “Oh how lovely!” exclaimed Mummy, “What a lovely thing to keep, thank you!”

“Plenty more where those came from!” says Grandma, “I think I have kept all of your clothes up until about the age of eight! They will be lovely for The Baby!”

“Oh…. goody,” says Mummy, thinking what a lot of clothes this must be. Some of them are everso cute and Mummy likes seeing them, but some have gone a bit crispy with age. “I might not use all of them,” says Mummy tentatively, “though they are a lovely thing to have.”

Then came the exercise books.

“I have kept all of your exercise books from when you were at school!” declares Grandma, “And now you are a Mummy, it is time for you to have them all!”

All of them?” asks Mummy, a little taken aback.

“All of them!” says Grandma, heaving large crates out of the cupboards and depositing them at Mummy’s feet.

Mummy has a lovely time looking through her old books, but does wonder where on earth in her tiny house she can put them all. “Thank you so much,” says Mummy.

Next come the birthday cards.

“I have kept all of your birthday cards you ever received!” exclaims Grandma, dragging several heavy carrier bags across the floor and dumping them on Mummy’s lap. “It is time for you to have them all!”

“Every single one?!” asks Mummy.  There are SO many cards to look through.

“Hmmmm…” says Grandma. Even she can see this is a lot of cards. “Maybe I will have a look through them and only give you the very special ones. There are probably a lot in there you don’t want.”

“Oh, good idea,” says Mummy, “I will love to keep the very special ones.”

Grandma spends a week going through Mummy’s old birthday cards selecting only the very special ones for Mummy to keep. She presents Mummy with an only slightly smaller carrier bag for Mummy to take home.

“Have you been through them all?” asks Mummy.

“Oh yes,” says Grandma, “and these are the ones I want you to have.”

Mummy spends a lovely evening looking through her old birthday cards and laughing at the handwriting of her friends when they were five years old. She reads the lovely messages from so many friends and family, and thinks what a lucky little girl she was to have so many people send her cards. And how lovely of Grandma to keep all these things for Mummy to look back on… I must do the same for The Baby, thinks Mummy.

Suddenly Mummy comes across something else tucked inside her birthday cards that survived the cull… a relic from 1983 that Grandma saw fit to keep and pass on to Mummy at this time:

Hmph. Mummy is not impressed. She spends a good while looking at her waistline in the mirror and reading the guidance in the pamphlet Grandma has so kindly provided… then thinks better of it, chucks it in the recycling and opens a packet of Galaxy Minstrels. Some things aren’t worth keeping, thinks Mummy.

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