Feeding frenzy

Mummy has had a very difficult mealtime. She cannot for the life of her understand why The Baby seems calm and hungry, then loses the plot every time the spoon is raised to her lips, squealing and flapping and flinging food all over herself. Each time, Mummy waits patiently for The Baby to settle down and the Baby leans forward, mouth open, appearing completely normal and mentally stable. Yet as soon as Mummy proffers a mouthful of delicious dinner, it is like an electric shock has passed through RB, rendering her first rigid and paralytic, then frantic and frenzied with squeals only a dog could hear.

Time and time again this happens whilst Mummy battles on. After each episode, she is immediately hungry and resumes normal behaviour, but it is impossible to get any food into her. By the time the pot has been emptied, there is food all over the floor, food all over the walls and food all over The Baby. RB is grinning at Mummy, delighted with the scene she has created. Mummy feels like she has weathered a storm without getting a morsel of dinner into the little one, and turns wearily to the sink to begin the clean-up operation. It is then that Mummy spies Daddy through the kitchen window… it is Daddy upon whom RB’s manic grin is firmly fixed. The sod has been playing peek-a-boo from the garden from underneath the window. Daddy will be cleaning the kitchen this evening…

Daddy – 1: Mummy – 0

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