Gender Neutral Parenting

Having watched a telly programme on how important it is to do gender neutral parenting in order to not limit the little one’s life chances and render her nowt but a desperate housewife for all eternity, Mummy has bought her a good gender-neutral hammer-banging toy thing, so she can learn useful D.I.Y. skills and become a strong, independent woman.

Rebel Baby takes one look at the hammer-banging toy thing, passes Mummy the hammer, takes Mummy’s cup of tea and proceeds to watch from behind a tea cup while Mummy bangs all the pegs in. It occurs to Mummy that gender-neutral toys are all very well, but she may not have been leading by example when in comes to breaking down stereotypes.  Whoops…

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    You’re rearing a funny little kid and it’s lovely to see that. X (I blame Grandad for anything slightly subversive.)

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