In denial

“I am putting the pram and the Moses basket in the garage,” says Daddy, “because we don’t need them any more.”

“We do too need them!” protests Mummy, for she is not ready to part with that which is so precious and belonging to her newborn darling angel.

“She has outgrown them and they are taking up space,” says Daddy.

“She has not outgrown them, she is just trying something new! She might still like to use them and anyway I still need them,” says Mummy.

Daddy gives Mummy a withering look.

“She is not going to grow any smaller,” says Daddy.

“Don’t say that!” wails Mummy, clutching the Moses basket to her chest, “Why would you say such a mean thing?!”

Daddy rolls his eyes.

“You are ridiculous,” he says.

“We will have to have more babies,” says Mummy. This is her trump card.

Daddy leaves Mummy alone, pours a beer and mutters something about getting ‘The Snip.’

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