Let them eat cake

Mummy is working hard to provide The Baby with a wide range of flavour sensations so that she grows up to have a wholesome and balanced diet, embracing diverse and interesting culinary experiences. The plethora of delicious food on offer ranges from smooth, fresh purees to tasty chewy bites… from exotic fruit medleys to classic British ‘meat and two veg’ combos. Every morsel is beautifully crafted and served with flair.

Rebel Baby greets Every. Single. Meal. with her classic “What on earth is this tripe?” face. She mulls over each mouthful with disdain and contempt, eyeing Mummy suspiciously as if suspecting she may have been poisoned.   Only when it has all gone does she suddenly decide it was the Best Thing Ever and  clamour for more, stretching for the spoon and opening her little mouth like a goldfish. Should Mummy go to all the trouble of making more however, she will immediately be disinterested.

Mummy is trying not to take it personally, but instead to consider she has the makings of a snobby food critic for some pretentious magazine and might one day take Mummy to swanky restaurants where they will dine for free on champagne and truffles. When that happens, Mummy will be sure to pull this exact face:

Grandad, however, says it is because Mummy is feeding her horrid vegetables and should just let her eat cake. Grandad is soft like that.


    Or she is a reincarnation of every cat I ever owned….

      Ha! I will have to see if she is afraid of cucumbers…

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