Mush, glorious mush!

Mummy is having an absolute field day!! The Ocado delivery man looked slightly bewildered when he carried the bags into the house last night, probably assuming Mummy was on some strange fad diet. The way in which he purposefully juxtapositioned the bag containing a week’s supply of Green & Black’s and Häagen Dazs beside the twenty tons of fruit and veg did not go unnoticed.

Mummy has spent the whole afternoon steaming, roasting and whizzing up glorious purées of wholesome fruit and veg, and the kitchen looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. She was especially inspired by Annabelle’s encouragement to ‘experiment with different flavour combinations and see what your baby will eat.’ 

Challenge accepted, thought Mummy! This is surely how great flavour combinations are discovered! What if Mummy were the first to happen upon plum and swede being a match made in heaven?! Move over Heston Blumenthal, Mummy is in the kitchen!

By dinner time, so many purées have been made in different bowls that Mummy has actually lost track of which one is which. She is therefore not completely sure what has been combined with what, as most seem to have come out an indiscriminate shade of yellow. As Mummy did not think far enough ahead to what she was going to put them in, all forms of receptacle have been called upon and the meals are now frozen in an assortment of different shapes and sizes. The heart-shaped ice cube trays from Mummy and Daddy’s wedding, and miniature Pac-man moulds Daddy once bought on a whim are especially endearing.

It takes several hours to blend and freeze everything, not to mention clean up the industrial wasteland that is the kitchen, and Mummy is exhausted. “I will make dinner,” offers Daddy kindly, who has been resting in his armchair all the while – an activity which he feels is the only right and proper thing for a man to do on a Sunday afternoon. Mummy is enormously grateful and willingly accepts.

“Ho… hum…” Daddy is muttering in the kitchen, “I thought the Ocado man came yesterday?”

“Yes,” said Mummy, “you thought correctly.”

“Why is there absolutely no food in the house?” asks Daddy, confused.

Oh dear, Mummy may have got a bit carried away. Will Daddy like the leek and apple, she wonders, or the parsnip and apricot?

Should be enough to last until she starts school…

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