Narcissistic Baby

Soon, Mummy may have to shut down RB’s blog as it seems the fame is going to her head. Today, she shunned all offers of toys and games, preferring instead to admire herself in the mirror Mummy gave her for hours on end.  All day she spent, stroking her reflection and gawping at its beauty. Mummy is concerned such levels of self-obsession are not healthy in one so young.

There could, however, be a simple explanation. Until now she had only a ‘baby safe’ mirror which is soft and bendy, but distorted her reflection so tragically that The Baby’s self-image must have been one of disturbing and alarming disfigurement. Perhaps today’s narcissism was no more than relief at the revelation that she does not, in fact, resemble a squashed Quasimodo after all. That’s got to be a good feeling.

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” Mummy would tell her.


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