Oh no you don’t…

Rebel Baby’s time in Mummy’s good books has been short lived, for when Mummy put the precious one down for her post-luncheon snooze and tiptoed out of the room just now, Mummy did hear unusual snaffling and snuffling noises from the cot, which aroused great suspicion. Upon investigation, it transpired that Rebel Baby had somehow secreted a carrot stick about her person – likely up her sleeve – which she then produced in the cot and proceeded to have a good ol’ munch on.

“I think not!” gasped Mummy, swiping it from her clutches. Mummy has enough trouble getting carrot stains out of every sodding item of clothing The Baby owns, she does not need it on the bedsheets as well. And if Mummy’s not allowed to spend the afternoon in bed eating snacks, neither is RB. End of.

Rebel Baby is now sulking herself to sleep.


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