Sea-faring Baby

The deck is dirty and windy, and the deceptive sunshine masks a chill in the air. Other children are suitably clad in shoes and weatherproof jackets. Big Bro is wrapped up and shivering in the on-deck shelter, hood up, complaining about the cold and the wind. Daddy has done his five minutes of fresh air for the day and is looking longingly at the indoor coffee lounge. Mummy is trying to keep tabs on Rebel Baby who is as slippery as a fish, weaving in and out of people and dogs to get to the edge of the deck.

She would like to spend the entire duration of the sea voyage gazing out at the open water and swinging from the rigging, intermittently squealing loudly at the wind and waves, or cackling at seagulls.

There is a choppy bit of water and the wind whips up.

“Are we going inside now?” wails Big Bro from beneath his cocoon of jumpers and jackets.

“I think they stop serving coffee soon…” says Daddy nervously.

“Waheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!” squeals Rebel Baby, who likes to feel the wind in her hair. Daddy can take Big Bro in for boring coffee. Rebel Baby isn’t going anywhere…

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