Shady business

Mummy may have got a little over-excited about the promise of spring yesterday and rushed out to buy immediately a stylish and trendy sunhat, lest the precious one overheat in the thirty seconds of glorious sunshine. And, just to be on the safe side, Mummy may have also ordered a pop-up garden baby sunshade from Amazon, anticipating lovely sunny days in the garden playing with The Baby.

Rebel Baby would not wear her sunhat in the sun yesterday – she liked to feel the hot sun, warm and lovely, on the top of her head and in her eyes. She liked to squint directly at it, wondering what the blinding and brilliant light in the sky could possibly be, despite Mummy’s warnings about damaging her eyes and repeated attempts to force the newly-purchased safety hat upon her to no avail.

Thanks to this great expenditure, it is of course entirely Mummy’s fault that the weather is now resolutely grey and gloomy, and set to remain so for some time. Mummy apologises for this. Rebel Baby, however, has decided that now the sunhat is her favourite thing in the world. She must wear it at all times. Indoors. In the shade. She has had in on since breakfast and cries every time Mummy tries to take it off, grabbing it firmly to her head in protest. Weirdo.

When you’ve inherited your Grandad’s ears, hats are a good move

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