Told you so

“Don’t climb on things,” said Mummy. “You are too little and you get stuck and cry.”

Did Rebel Baby listen? Did she hell.

Now she is stuck in the magazine rack, trying to climb up and touch the Holy Grail of breakable items: Daddy’s TV. It is especially good to touch as it has bleepy buttons and it sometimes talks to you. Rebel Baby knows this and likes to touch it very much,

But now she is stuck.

She is stuck and Mummy was right, except for one thing: Rebel Baby is too stubborn to cry. She will not give Mummy the satisfaction of being completely right.

Instead, she will look at Mummy with pleading eyes and make strange little chirpy noises.

Mummy will help… maybe. In a minute.


    Is retrieving her left sock from the DVD player? Just askin’

    What a gorgeous child. Just what the world needs. X

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